Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Installation Completed!

The second half of the tunnel was put in place last Wednesday and repaving happened today. Here are some more photos to demonstrate how smoothly the whole process went.

May 4, 8:00 AM:  The excavator uncovered some large pieces of wood only about 0.5 m deep in the road bed on the west side.

Fortunately, the deeper material was good and gravelly.

9:00 AM:  The base was compacted quickly after adding crush and checking the height.

Two and a half more sections of culvert were lifted into place to complete the 13.4-m tunnel.

The most gruelling part of the job - filling the inside of each section with substrate 0.3 m deep to make the interior of the tunnel level with the ditch.

12:30 PM:  Several truck loads of "pit run" delivered to cover the culvert.  Loads came quickly one after another from a quarry just a few hundred metres from the site.

14:00 PM:  Substrate at the entrance of the tunnel was compacted and sloped away to prevent water from pooling inside. 

15:00 PM:  Compacting the road surface so it could be left until the repaving crew arrived.

10 May, 9:00 AM:  A paving crew arrived from Nanaimo to do our job as well as some others on the west coast.

The first layer of asphalt applied smoothly over the prepared surface. 

Torching the first layer to dry it before applying the next.

12:00 PM: Finishing the second layer.

12:15 PM:  Installation Completed! We'd like to express a huge thank you to Simon Stubbs, Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure, for overseeing the installation. Simon, you rock!!! More thanks to come in our next post.

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